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About Us

Bundles of Joy, LLC is an egg donation and surrogacy agency based in South Florida but with donors worldwide.  South Florida is the gateway to South and Central America, Europe, South Africa and the Caribbean allowing Bundles of Joy to recruit a wide variety of donors enabling us to match your special profile.  We have many traditional “American” donors, but we specialize in “hard-to-find” donors of all different ethnicities such as Jewish, Latin and Black.  We also have models, athletes and members of Mensa (an international society of brilliant people). 

Our Services

Bundles of Joy, LLC and its caring staff take the time to know our donors and our recipients and cater to their special needs.  We will help you find your special donor if she is not already a Bundles of Joy donor by searching our worldwide databases and contacting our international sources.  We can also help arrange for reproductive endocrinologists in foreign countries which can yield substantial cost-savings.  We handle most of the logistics relative to out-of-state and foreign donors and recipients. 

Professional Profiles

Bundles of Joy, LLC’s coordinator and manager is Sara Vogel who has years of first-hand experience in assisted reproductive technologies ("ART") including IVF and egg donation.  Our psychologist is a very highly-regarded Ph.D. named Dr. Judy Horowitz with 35+ years of experience and a member of ASRM.  Our in-house counsel is Attorney-C.P.A.-LL.M. Mark Vogel with nearly 30 years of legal experience.  Outside local counsel include Harold Eskin and Stan Brenner, but we work closely with ART attorneys across the country.  Our nurse-consultant is Ilene Schips, RN with nearly 25 years experience and former president of RESOLVE in South Florida. We also work closely with a number of talented reproductive endocrinologists here in South Florida. 

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