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Become A Parent

At BUNDLES OF JOY we are passionate about helping parents to build their families. Our program was designed to help you navigate the complicated processes of egg donation and surrogacy with compassion and professionalism.

Become An Egg Donor

Egg donation is a wonderful gift to a couple who cannot have a baby without your help. It’s an opportunity to help bring a new life into this world and to help build families. With BUNDLES OF JOY you can receive up to $8000 for your generosity and dedication.

Become A Surrogate

Women who decide to become surrogates love being pregnant and experiencing the miracle of birth. With BUNDLES OF JOY you can receive compensation of up to $50,000 for your dedication and generosity.


After suffering for years through our own infertility, my husband and I decided to try egg donation and today we are blessed to be the parents of the most amazingly talented, beautiful and beloved 11yo daughter.  Because we experienced first-hand the trauma of desperately wanting a family and repeatedly failing, we decided to start our own agency.  For over 12 years we have been providing egg donors and surrogates to individuals and couples who suffer from infertility and cannot realize their dreams of becoming parents.  Today we are proud to be able to visit jubilant parents all over the world who are enjoying parenthood thanks to Bundles of Joy, LLC and our amazing team of professionals: doctors, psychologists, lawyers and of course our incredible surrogates and egg donors!

When it comes to infertility, there is NEVER a smooth road.  Seriously.  There are millions of ways you can fail and only a few limited roads to success.  Every one of our cases is different, each with its own issues, peculiarities, pitfalls and hopefully, rewards.  At Bundles of Joy, LLC we make that perilous journey with every single one of our Intended Parents.  When we fail, it's the depths of despair for all concerned.  But when we succeed, the joy is literally everlasting and makes all our efforts worthwhile!  And we love it when our Intended Parents send us pictures years later of their "bundles of joy" who are now 5, 8, 10 . . . years old!

We are a boutique agency where each and every Intended Parent and each egg donor and surrogate is treated as if they are a part of our family.  Many of our Intended Parents come from foreign countries and we help them navigate the complex healthcare and legal system of the US.  Fortunately, we at Bundles of Joy, LLC are multi-lingual and well-traveled, so we are able to understand and respond to the needs of our international Intended Parents.  We are also known for providing hard-to-find donors such as Jewish, Chinese, East Indian, etc.

We understand that our Intended Parents have gone through a lot of heartache before they meet us.  Infertility is a long road filled with disappointments.  We know we cannot avoid every obstacle on the road to parenthood but when these challenges arise we immediately take every opportunity to do everything in our power to continue on the path to success!