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Why You should come to America?

Over the years we have helped couples from around the World fulfill their dream of becoming parents. We are proud to say we have babies in Europe, Asia, South America and of course the USA.

Most States in America have laws that welcome surrogacy.   With the guidance of our ART Lawyers,  Bundles of Joy, LLC ensure that International parents will be able to take their babies home with the proper birth certificate showing themselves as the parents of their babies.

Medically, parents can be assured that their clinic and Reproductive endocrinologists will conduct themselves according the newest techniques the most innovative equipment and the most stringent rules of Hygiene that result of the best possible outcome in every situation.   

  • Highly Regulated
    Medical Care.
  • Strict Egg Donor Screening Process.
  • High IVF Success
  • Favorable Fertility and Surrogacy Laws.
  • Safe and Easy Return Home
  • 100% safe and

Why Bundles of Joy?

At Bundles of Joy we are prepared to aid you and your clinic throughout your process. We will coordinate all your fertility treatments so that you can minimize your need International to be present in the United States. If you have already chosen a clinic, we will comply with their protocols. If you have not chosen a clinic, we will be happy to recommend one according to your preferences. 

In the case of a surrogacy, Bundles of Joy will keep close track of your surrogate before and during the pregnancy. We will recommend all the professionals required to complete this journey.

We are also there for you for the items not related to the fertility treatment. Anything from making hotel reservations, to finding a tutor for your older child or the best places to shop for the goodies you will need for your new life as a parent.

Contact and Trips to the U.S.

Most contact with Bundles of Joy can be done by phone or via Skype and email. Bundles of Joy will help you choose a surrogate and an egg donor, discuss costs, medical procedures and legal issues. We recommend regular and scheduled contact with your surrogate. Remember that she is a mother and has a busy schedule. Therefore, a planned contact will be more welcome than a spontaneous one.

The final and most exciting trip to the U.S. will be for the birth of your baby. As we get closer to your surrogate’s due date you can plan to be with her one week before delivery (two for twins) and expect to remain in the U.S. for approximately four weeks after your baby has arrived. Besides allowing for all legal issues to be completed, your baby will have received his/her first vaccinations and will be a little stronger to endure the trip.