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Dear Loving Couple (or Loving Mother)

Dear Loving Couple (or Loving Mother)

Loving Couple (or Loving Mother) is what we call our egg donation recipients. They are very special people who want to fulfill a dream of starting or continuing a family. Bundles of Joy, LLC was established to enable our Loving Couples’ (and Loving Mothers’)dreams of building a family to come true! Why do they need our help? Because either they cannot or should not conceive due to medical or genetic problems or their age. Most reproductive endocrinologists will have a very limited number of donors unlike the extensive selection of donors available from Bundles of Joy including egg donors and surrogates from out of state which means less chance of your child having children with a biological half-brother or half-sister they meet locally!


Most prospective egg donation recipients have already tried a number of methods to achieve pregnancy. If other methods have failed, it is very common to seek a compatible egg donor as the next logical step in the process. Bundles of Joy works closely with our Loving Couples and Loving Mothers to achieve their goals by matching them with desirable egg donors based upon a variety of considerations: ethnicity, coloring, height, athleticism, intelligence, artistic ability, etc. An extensive interview is conducted to educate our recipients as to the issues they will be dealing with including the medical procedures involved, the process of locating suitable donors (and possibly surrogates) and the costs (including possible travel).

Bundles of Joy is dedicated to your success in locating an appropriate donor. If your desired characteristics are not available among our donors, we will search our worldwide database for donors that meet your criteria. For example, we are associated with reproductive medical facilities in both Europe and South America. If your ideal donor is not among our extensive donor database, Bundles of Joy is prepared to take all necessary steps to locate your perfect donor. [Note: this may involve additional fees and costs.]
Bundles of Joy carefully interviews all of its Loving Couples and Loving Mothers to determine their goals in selecting a suitable donor. All procedures, schedules and costs are explained in detail. After a Loving Couple or Loving Mother has identified their preferred donor profile, Bundles of Joy will quickly prepare a list of prospective donors. Once the Loving Couple or Loving Mother has selected appropriate donor(s), we will contact those donors to establish their availability and whether their schedules can be coordinated with the timeframes established by our Loving Couple or Loving Mother. Once donor(s) are chosen, they must be screened (medically, gynecologically, genetically and psychologically). Also, to reserve donor(s) [to prevent their committing elsewhere] and to start the screening process, a deposit will be required from the Loving Couple or Loving Mother. Once screened and approved for donation, the medical procedures can begin.
Bundles of Joy donors are all carefully and thoroughly pre-screened including detailed questionnaires and interview(s). Donors will already have provided photographs which have been shown to our Loving Couple or Loving Mother. Results of the pre-screening process are used to determine if a potential donor will be a candidate for exhaustive testing which includes medical, genetic, gynecologic and psychological testing.
Once a potential donor has passed the pre-screening, her information is offered to appropriate Loving Couples and Loving Mothers for their consideration based upon their criteria and preferred donor profiles. Once a donor is matched, Bundles of Joy begins their coordination and scheduling services as liaison between the donor, Loving Couple or Loving Mother and medical facility.
When a potential donor is matched with a recipient, a blood test is administered on a certain day of her menstrual cycle to determine if she should continue on to the psychological exam.Once a potential donor passes the initial blood test, she is given a psychological exam by a licensed psychologist experienced in this exact type of analysis to determine if the donor is making a well-informed, reasoned and mature decision. At this stage of the process, potential donors must be completely clear as to their decision and its ramifications and emotionally without conflict. Now it’s just three months until implantation of your embryo!
The last step of the screening process is comprised of medical and genetic exams conducted by the reproductive endocrinologist. If the donor passes them both, she is ready to begin a donation cycle and is cleared to begin hormone injections to prepare her uterine lining and synchronize her with the recipient.
For approximately 10 to 20 days, the donor is stimulated with hormone injections designed to cause the body to mature more eggs than normal. These eggs would ordinarily remain immature and be eliminated as part of a normal period. During this stimulation phase, the donor is monitored by the reproductive endocrinologist with ultrasound exams and blood tests. At the end of this preparatory timeframe, a final injection is scheduled to prepare all mature eggs for the retrieval procedure.
After the last injection, an anesthesiologist will sedate the donor and the reproductive endocrinologist will retrieve all of the donor’s mature eggs. After the retrieval, the recipient’s male partner (or sperm donor) provides sperm and the eggs are fertilized and incubated while they mature. After the fertilized eggs have developed into embryos over several days, a small number of them (usually two) are selected and implanted in the recipient’s womb to develop as a normal pregnancy. Unused embryos can be frozen for future use, donated or disposed of. However, most Loving Couples and Loving Mothers retain unused embryos as potential future brothers and sisters of their babies or for implantation in the event the procedure proves unsuccessful. There are many facilities that offer the necessary freezing technology at minimal cost.
The reproductive endocrinologist will determine whether a “chemical pregnancy” has occurred through a blood test within 10-15 days of reimplantation. Threreafter, whether an actual viable pregnancy has occurred is determined. At that point, the recipient will no longer be under the care of the reproductive endocrinologist but rather, will be under the care of her ob/gyn.
Bundles of Joy will maintain complete confidentiality of the recipient, donor (and baby) unless the recipient and donor both consent to personal contact.


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