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  • How Will I Be Matched with My Surrogate?

Bundles of Joy, LLC takes many issues into consideration when finding the right surrogate for you and relies on both your and the surrogate’s opinions to finalize the match. We believe that a good match provides the basis for a happy surrogacy journey.

Every month, Bundles of Joy, LLC receives over 100 applications from aspiring surrogates from the state of Florida, where laws are most favorable for surrogacy.  We rarely receive applications from women who live in other states.  In such cases, we consult with our legal professionals to determine whether or not we can move forward with the candidate.

After receiving a given candidate’s application, we conduct a thorough interview. Additionally, the candidate’s partner or closest relative is invited to a phone conversation, as he or she will become the candidate’s primary source of support and needs to know what to expect during and after the surrogacy.  You, as the Intended parent, will be presented with the information of 1-2% of those candidates who make it into our database.

During the application process, you and our candidates for surrogacy will familiarize yourselves with each other’s characteristics. Both you and your surrogate will tell us which ethnicities, languages, sexual references, etc. you prefer to work with.  You will also define your beliefs about abortion, selective reduction, the number of embryos to be transferred, etc. In a more informal way, you are asked to define what kind of connection you expect to have with your surrogate during and after the pregnancy.

All these issues are taken into consideration and they must match up.  Any discrepancy is discussed with both parties.  If certain issues cannot be ironed out, we accept that this is simply not a good match and move on to other candidates.

At this point, Bundles of Joy will share the profiles of 2-3 candidates with the intended parents who will have a chance to meet them and determine which candidate best matches their personality.

These meetings are conducted via video conferencing or in person.  Both parties are encouraged to share their reasons for entering into this arrangement, as well as personal stories and expectations for the journey.  And most importantly, both parties must agree to work with each other.  Bundles of Joy invites both parties to take this visit as an opportunity to interview each other.  After all, no money has been spent at this point and no harm is done if one of the parties decide that this is not a good match. 

In most cases, the meeting becomes a bonding experience.  The surrogate is informed of the struggles which the couple has already gone through and is made to understand first hand their unwavering desire to become parents.  At this point, the intended parents usually truly see their surrogate as reality for the first time.  The feeling that this woman is willing to help them provides them with a sense of relief. 

Bundles of Joy, LLC recommends an open and honest relationship between both parties, to be done in a scheduled manner as to respect each other’s busy lives and to ensure that both parties dedicate time for each other without any distractions. 

Our goal is to make the surrogacy journey a pleasant experience.  Pregnancy is uncomfortable and a trying period in itself and we do not want to provide even more stress due to a trying relationship between surrogate and intended parents.  The intended parents have already faced a roller coaster of emotions since beginning their attempt to conceive. We strive to make happy and healthy babies who were gestated in a healthy environment and will live in good homes.  We want you to take home your little “Bundle of Joy” while bringing joy to your surrogate’s family as well.