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  • Labor Pains of Bundles of Joy, LLC

Any woman diagnosed with infertility will find that many of the professionals--from the psychologist to the attorney, and the egg Donation and Surrogacy Agency--involved in her treatment have at one time walked the same road upon which she is about to embark.

Just like for other women, infertility came to Mark and me as a surprise. I had had perfect periods from the beginning, so I believed that it was a given that I would be able to conceive as soon as I started trying.  

Unfortunately, that was not the case. One treatment led to the next, and soon I found myself sitting in the waiting rooms of reproductive endocrinologists for many hours. In all those hours, I talked to other women who were just as scared and bored as I was.  It was then that I learned about the difficulty of finding desirable egg donors in South Florida.  Clinics had a short list of candidates, and they were not willing to show adult pictures of the candidates. To compound the situation even more, there was only one agency in the State of Florida.

All along I wondered how this could be happening to me.  I had never had any ailment; I believed perfect periods resulted in timely conception.  Me?  With “unexplained infertility”? This victim mentality did not last long.  Instead, I wondered what I was supposed to learn from this obstacle in my life.  After some contemplation, I realized that I was being led to help other women who suffer from the same confusing and overwhelming pain I had suffered.

My husband Mark and I talked about starting a business I could run, while our daughter was in school. With little start-up money and a whole lot of labor pains, we embarked on a journey that would make a difference in other people’s lives.  Bundles of Joy, LLC, was born.

It has been over 10 years since the creation of Bundles of Joy, LLC, and many babies have been born.  We followed our dream of creating an agency where each donor, Surrogate, and Intended Parent would feel like her case is our most important case.  People who work with us know that we will personally accompany them from beginning to end.   The road of infertility is laden with challenges.  At Bundles of Joy, LLC, we solve every obstacle with compassion and professionalism.   We have been available for the people we serve at all hours of the day, while traveling outside of the country and even while on top of Mount Everest (not quite).   Our donors are able to continue studying in college, paying their debts, opening small businesses, buying homes, and going back to school;  Intended Parents take their baby home. This is our biggest reward.