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  • Why Do Egg Donors Get Paid ?

In this day and age, every college-aged woman either has seen an advertisement or knows somebody who has donated their eggs.  Have you ever stopped to learn about it?

Egg donors are young women (21-27 years old) who aid in the creation of a family when a couple is not able to conceive on their own.  After undergoing extensive testing, this young woman will follow a protocol that will lead to the retrieval of her egg production in a given month.  Her eggs are then combined with the semen of the intended father to result in an embryo which gets transferred to the intended mother, who carries her baby for nine months.  And voila! A new baby is born. 

Why Do Women Donate Eggs?

Some women, though too young to be planning their own families, might have close ones who suffered the tremendous heartache of infertility and want to help them conceive; others are just intrigued by the recruiting advertisements. Some think that they will never want children for themselves so why not share their ability to conceive with women who cannot do so themselves.  Whatever a woman’s reason for donating, it is most important for her to understand that donating her eggs will not hurt her own ability to conceive in any way.  The eggs taken are ones that would be lost naturally and instead get harvested and provide a solution for an infertile couple who would otherwise never be able to conceive.

With Egg Donation, Showing Kindness Has Tremendous Rewards

Only special women understand the incredible gift that egg donors share with complete strangers.

There are many benefits that donors receive throughout the process:

  • The screening process is so extensive that she might find out that either she is completely healthy at the time, or, unfortunately, the medical and genetic testing reveal information that she would not have known otherwise.
  • The compensation is large enough to aid the donor with her student expenses, so she and the intended parents are helping each other in significant ways. 

Egg donation money has helped women pay off college loans or debts, have seed money for future investments, or even just provide them with pocket money for their college years. Egg donors are free to choose how to use their egg donation money, which is rewarded to them for the amazing gift they give to someone else.  We at Bundles of Joy, LLC support our donors throughout the process and invite them to do it again and again.