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  • Why Do Surrogate Mothers Come Back for More ?

There is no better way to understand why women who carry a baby for another couple enjoy it so much than to read about their positive experiences.

Jordan is a mother from Florida who has been working with Bundles of Joy, LLC for the past 3 years.  She recently completed her second journey and is recovering from the delivery to prepare to enter her third and last journey.

While in college, Jordan witnessed a few of her friends become egg donors. She considered it but never got around to it. Later on, her aunt shared with her that she was struggling with infertility and required a surrogate in order to complete her family. Luckily, when testing started for Jordan to carry for her aunt, the aunt got pregnant on her own and no longer required Jordan’s aid. However, by then Jordan had already had a taste of helping others conceive. Her family members tried to dissuade her by telling her how difficult it would be to give up the baby. Jordan disregarded their tales of woe and proceeded to get pregnant, stating that she never considered keeping the baby.  She was clear from the get go that the baby was not hers. Since then, Jordan has acted as a surrogate a second time and by now her family is 100% supportive of her. 

Jordan was so excited to get started that she was able to find an agency, complete the forms and send all her paperwork in one day while at her day job. After a short interview where she gave her statistics and learned about the process, Jordan started the more technical process of filling out a long application and helping the agency gather medical records. This is when the matching process with the intended parents begins. The Surrogacy Agency, Bundles of Joy, LLC assured her that she had an important say in whom she would match with. Her views and their views on important issues like abortion, selective reduction, etc. would be carefully matched. Her first match was very natural and both parties felt comfortable with each other. She continued with her pre-screening process and was soon cleared to start her surrogacy journey. One of the issues that helped Jordan in her decision was the knowledge that she would be in charge of her body throughout the entire pregnancy. The couple cannot decide whether or not you will require a C-section, how much involvement you accept from them, etc. This is something you discuss with your doctor and you have the final say.  

Jordan’s immediate and extended family are all on board with this process. Even her child, who is now 8 years old, has no difficulty explaining to strangers that his mom helps people who cannot have babies.

It is a known fact that pregnancy is difficult. The hormonal ups and downs, the emotional and physical exhaustion and the waiting for delivery at the end of the pregnancy can all be very taxing. One of the questions Jordan could not answer at the beginning of the pregnancy was whether or not she wanted to continue in contact with the couple after the birth of their child. Her instincts told her that it would be important to keep some kind of contact with them, but she was not entirely sure because this was such a new process for her. In a way, she did not want to commit as of yet. The twins are now 4 years old. The couple meets her once a year in Orlando and, together, they visit Disneyworld. Additionally, they all exchange birthday gifts and token gifts for Christmas. 

Jordan’s motivation has never been the money. She has a good job and is waiting for a promotion as a head teller at her bank. She is very happy to embark on these journeys knowing that there would never be a financial set back. She creates such a bond with the mother that after the birth she misses the communication and intimacy with her. She understands that once the baby is born, the mother requires a lot of time to care for her baby and has to shift her attention from the surrogate to her new family. 

Jordan advises any aspiring surrogate and any intended parent starting on a journey to trust each other, to trust surrogacy as a process, and to enter this journey with an open heart.